{Seasons with the Reasons}

Just wanted to pop in for a moment to share some of our holiday pictures now that all my holiday cards have been sent out.  My sweet husband does not love props in pictures, but it always seems to make the pictures more natural because we are laughing about whatever crazy idea I have come up with.  We loved the glitter beards, though I might or might not be finding glitter in my house for years to come.  The only tip I will mention about our tangled lights photo is that they were hot.  I guess we got the wrong ones, but we had to be pretty quick snapping these pics.  We have had an amazing holiday in Iowa and are headed to Denver for the New Year.  Wishing you and yours a Merry, Merry Season.  Lotsa Love....J.Reasons  

*All photos taken by the amazing Eden who does all our family photos.  Might want to check out this post if you missed it last time.


  1. Good to know about the lights I've always wanted to try that. Your little fam bam is so cute!

    Have a lovely holiday season!

  2. Those pictures are adorable!

  3. These pictures make me so happy! I love them. You two look adorable, happy, and charming. xo

  4. I'm not sure these pictures could be any more adorable. I hope you've already framed some of them! I also love love love your outfit. And hair.


  5. beautiful photos! I love your long skirt paired with your flannel button down :)

    Visiting from the IT list

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