Try: to attempt to do or accomplish.  So I was going to try to make the argument today that I "tried" just a little with this outfit, but it just felt kind of wrong.  Because when you get right down to it, putting this outfit together went something like this on Sunday.  

"Me:  I need to put some clothes on so we can go see the noon "Playing for Keeps."
Myself:  I would rather just weather my nightgown. 
Me:  That would be weird, so I guess I should get up.
Myself:  Where are my ripped jeans?  Stuart's wrinkled button up looks comfy.
Me:  Goshhh...this is comfy.  Now if I could only wear my slippers, moccasins are kind of like slippers.
Myself:  Now get something sparkly to dress it up.  And maybe add some dry shampoo to my hair so it give the allusion I washed it."

Sure I could have told you I was trying for lumberjack chic, and sometimes I am, but this past Sunday the only thing I was trying to do was to be comfortable and appropriate for public.  So I guess I did try to do something, and on reflection I feel like trying to be appropriate in public is not that bad of a goal for the day.  Happy Monday...J  


  1. 1. Loving the plaid! 2. Obsessed with that Fendi bag! You look gorg!

  2. Love the plaid and how you dressed it up with such a cute statement necklace! :) CHIC!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

    1. Rachel, Thank you...I love me some sparkles!!

  3. Hahaha. This is me right now and thank you because I just remembered I have a red and black plaid tunic I can wear with leggings and boots that looks semi-polished, so off to working from the coffee house I go.

  4. I love lumberjack chic! And I can completely appreciate this monologue ;)

    Haute Child in the City