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Not sure if your weather has gone nuts like our weather here in Nashville, but it has left me a little lacking with inspiration to get dressed.  How the heck am I supposed to know what to wear when it is almost 70 degrees in December and raining?  I have tried telling the weather that I am supposed to be romping around town looking like a snow bunny.  They are not getting the message.  

So I do what never fails me, look at some pretty pictures and go from there.  I fell in love with this pretty look on pinterest {HUGE surprise...that site will be the death of me and my productive life as I once knew it.}  So I thought I would try to recreate it.  I love a floral print with neutral accessories.  It always makes me feel happy and comfy.  I had a terribly hard time finding s fun patterned dress that was both long sleeved and long, but I did love this flirty number.  However, it will not work for work today as I don't need to show up looking like a go-go girl {I save those looks for the evening and weekends}, but in my mind this is what I will be wearing today.  Happy Tuesday...J

P.S. I am just learning how to do these whole collage things.  Curious to see if you all like them and want to see more?

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  1. I absolutely love that dress with the red collar and sleeve ends!