{Love You: Katie}

So glad to be closing the last "Love You" post of 2012 with the amazing Katie from Pearls & Twirls.  I fell in love with Katie's blog because she has style after my own heart.  She always has a little or a lot of glam in every look, but usually mixes her items in a way that gives off this comfy, laid back vibe.  I have never met her, but I bet that her personality mirrors this glamorous, warmth.  Read on to learn more about this sweetheart from the South.
"I Love That I'm From the South: The more I travel the more I love where I'm from.  There's a certain charm and calmness when I'm with my friends and family that I truly believe doesn't exist anywhere else. From the mountains to the front porch rocking chairs and the slow speakers I love that Tennessee is where I call home.  

I Love My Organized Chaos: I can't seem to say no to a new project or a night out with friends so I find it hard to find time to fit everything in.  As I get older I see that I get this from my mother which makes me smile but also makes me immediately feel exhausted because she still lives like this. Neither of us can sit still to watch television but we both love being busy and the things we're working on. I've given into the fact that I will live my life in this organized chaos so I will just try to figure out how to balance things! One of my New Years Resolutions is to be a better planner in 2013! 

I Love My Smile: I honestly believe that a smile can get you places. Growing up I think "smile!!" is one of the number one things I was told on a daily basis and I'm so glad it was.  I was baffled when I was once asked, why are you so happy? like it was a bad thing.  A genuine smile and a kind "thank you" will get you places.  If you don't believe me, just try it! 

I Love That I'm an Obsessive Bargain Shopper: this is another trait I've inherited from my mother.  I very rarely will purchase something not on sale and will stalk items until I'm able to find them at reasonable prices.  One of my most recent bargain hunts was a pair of fun hued Hunter Rainboots.  I really wanted either red or bright pink but found the metallic ones for $90 on Beyond the Rack - score! 

I Absolutely Love My Support System: I love that I have amazing friends and family that are behind me 100%.  When I was in middle school I asked my parents to buy me a baton because my best friend and next door neighbor had one and I wanted to be just like her.  My parents bought me the baton, paid for private lessons and let me drop out of gymnastics to pursue a dying sport because it was what made me happy - I (and my best friend) went on to twirl for the University of Tennessee.  Same with my blog, I was scared to start taking pictures of myself and posting them all over the internet, scared of what my friends and family would say. My blog is something that I'm now proud of and love that my friends and family are just as proud!" 

What Katie does not know is that I have a real soft spot for baton twirlers as my mother also twirled batons with her sisters in high school.  And if I am being honest, I am always jealous of the sequined numbers that baton twirlers get to wear.  Katie reminds me today of how amazing our support systems can be.  Not only because they support us in times of need {those times when we, or is it just me, might be curled up in a corner crying our eyes out}, but they help us follow our dreams.  I feel like when we tell stories about following our dreams, we somtimes get focused on all the things we had to overcome to get where we are going.  It is nice to have Katie help us to pause and think not only about the people, who encourage us, but the ones who buy the batons and private lessons to give us the extra push.  I pray we all have at least one person in our lives like this.  Thank you Katie for such a wonderful end to the first year of this series.  Happy Friday, lotsa love....J  

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