Gold Pleats: Easy as 1, 2, 3

So I had the most delightful visit yesterday with one of my buddies that just opened the most amazing boutique in my home town, Hazel's Haven.  Meagan and her sweet mother made their own dreams come true by opening an amazing store where women of all shapes, sizes, and ages can come and find the perfect something or somethings to spruce up their wardrobe.  I have some exciting news to share about our new partnership, so stay tuned.  
After visiting, I took several trips around her store trying to decide what of the many things I wanted to try on, and I was blow away to find the most amazing gold pleated skirt tucked away in a corner.  I had seen Meagan post the image on her website weeks ago, and I was certain the skirt would have sold like hotcakes, but she had only sold two.  This was a victory for me since I was able to snatch one up, but it got us talking about why the item might not be selling.  Did I mention it doubles as a dress too?  
We landed on the fact that some people might not know exactly what to do with such a bright item.  So I thought I would throw together a little causal look for you today featuring, you guessed it or maybe you didn't that's ok, a gold pleated skirt.  In my opinion, a casual oversized sweater or top combined with a cross body bag in a rich hue can give the skirt a more casual, no fuss look.  What do you think...would you wear this fun look around town?  If the answer is yes, hop on over to HH and try on the amazing gold pleated skirt because it is one item you will not regret having.  Did I mention it is a fraction of the price for all the gold pleated skirts I found online?  Happy shopping...J


  1. Yes, I would wear it exactly as you have showed it above. The perfect way to dress it down, I love it! I'm hopping over now. What a wonderful thing for your friend Meagan and her mom to get to do!

  2. I love this post! I will put all the things I love together and waltz out the door most days, but I have realized through blogging, that these types of style hints are amazingly helpful. And, now I want that skirt! xo