Honest Hats

So these images turned out a little wacky.  My feet looked like fluorescent light bulbs, so I decided to just share bits and pieces of this look.  What do you think of the hat?  I will be honest.  But as a side note I have always thought that saying, "I will be honest" is just weird.  I mean, I feel like any time you use that phrase it implies the rest of the time you are just telling lies.  Are you starting to worry I am telling lies all the time because I am not.  
So back to my original thought, if I am honest with you, I love hats, but they are the one accessory I sometimes feel silly in.  I don't know why, and it never stops me from wearing them, but I think I see hats and sometimes align them with mischief.  And who really wants people thinking they are up to mischief?  Not me, usually, but nevertheless, here I am in all my glory wearing a hat.  What do you think?  Happy almost Turkey Day...J
Sweater {Express}, Button-up {J.Crew}, Pants {Forever21}, Hat {Blush Boutique}, Specs {SEE}

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