{Love You: Tess}

So happy today to be introducing you to a buddy of mine that I met through DahliaLynn jewelry.  Tess Labeth just happens to be one of my biggest supporters, since she has carried my jewelry line in here amazing shop since it's opening.  I can still remember the first time we chatted about working together, and as a tiny business she was so encouraging, kind, and willing to do whatever she could to make our working relationship happen.  I will be forever grateful for the chance she took on my tiny jewel business and for all the encouragment she has given me along the way.  Keep reading to learn more about Tess and what she loves about herself today.

"Jessica, thank you so much for considering me for the feature. I’m so thankful to be able to
share what I love in your Love You Series.

Family: I am so thankful for the love of my family. I am a daughter, sister, granddaughter,
niece, cousin, and most recently - auntie. My family fulfills me in more ways than I can
express. Their constant love and support is always encouraging and I’m privileged to have such
abundant love amongst so many people. Thick as thieves, we are.

The Story of Us: I’m so in love with our story, and him. Our journey is unique and perfect for
us. He makes me feel so beautiful and loved. I can’t bear the thought of not having him... and
he is so much more wonderful than I ever thought the love of my life would be. Just wonderful.

SF: I am fortunate enough to have my own business which I love - day in and day out! I
opened Savoir-Faire, a women’s boutique, in September 2011 and have never looked back. It
makes me so happy... and kind of crazy. I eat, sleep, and breathe it but wouldn’t have it any
other way. SF has required me to push myself in many ways I never believed I could. It’s
constantly teaching me things and I find it so interesting and amusing... that it’s my creation. I
am so so proud of it and I can’t imagine my life without it.

Style: I absolutely love dressing myself... it’s the easiest form of self expression. My style is
feminine and eclectic and I find it simple to recreate everyday. I have a slight obsession with
vintage jewels and head pieces are utter happiness to me. I once had someone tell me they
would love to get inside my brain... to see how it works. And that, I simply adore.

Memories: I love holding on to memories... and making new ones. One thing I will never let
go - taking bubble baths at my Grandmothers and the scent of Caress soap. My Grandmother
always has used Caress bar soap and I would give anything to bottle the fragrance to wear
everyday. I loved slumber parties at Grandmother & Grandaddy’s... those are times my sister &
I will never forget. Another, my Granddaddy taught me how to drive when I was 12... in his navy
blue Crown Vic. Will never forget that summer.

Throughout my life things have changed... my childhood was fantastic and so is adulthood. I
look forward, and already enjoy, the memories Cody and I are creating. We got engaged in
Italy... and we’re planning our honeymoon trip to Paris! I look forward to the future with him, my
family, and Savoir-Faire. Only time will tell how my love will continue to grow... for myself, my
loved ones, and others."

I really feel like this post is such a perfect glimpse into Tess' beautiful life.  My favorite love for the day is Tess' love of her memories.  This was such a unique one because I think we all love and cherish our memories, but how often do we gift thanks for them.  So many memories not only remind us of where we have been, but often shape who we are and who we want to become.  Thank you sweet Tess for the lovely loves today.  I hope everyone has safe travels over the weekend.  Lotsa love...J


  1. I love holding on to memories too. What a sweet post, Tess sounds like a wonderful friend and those photos are beautiful.

  2. Wow. Her photos are stunning and I just love what Tess has to say. Loving this series. xo