{Wilted Flower Power}

So if you can't tell from the close up from my arms...the temp dropped significantly this Sunday throughout the day {sporting some serious goosebumps}.  Started this past Sunday channeling my inner flower power in this comfy, silk overlay, and needless to say the chill in the air and overcast left me feeling a little wilted.  What can you do?  
Did I mention that yesterday I had to get my knee X-rayed.  I have been training for the half-marathon, and had a little knee injury.  Do you know when you get an X-ray if you are wearing pants to the doctor's office, they put you in these weird, blue, cotton short things?  I mean blue is usually a good color on me, but these were just sad.  If only you all had seen me yesterday sporting cotton shorts around the hospital, you would have been so proud.  Happy Tuesday....J
Overlay {Anthropologie}, Cotton Tee {Mossimo}, Jeans {Forever 21}, Booties {Target}, Jewels {Forever 21, Target, J.Crew}


  1. gorgeous overlay! i love the print!


  2. Loving the floral... SO ready for spring. Temps are dropping here, too and I am not sure what to do with myself?