Shopping Bag

So I would love to tell you that the shopping in my new town is amazing.  That there are a plethora of amazing spots to spend hours on my weekends drooling over all the things that I shouldn't and can't buy.  That there are too many places that I now call favorites to even be able to visit them all on a Saturday afternoon.  That I have had to put myself on a very, very strict budget to stop myself from blowing my budget out of the water with all of the amazing goodies found when I am supposed to be "window shopping."
But, the reality is a bit different.  There is one cute boutique in town, a couple of fun vintage shops, and a Forever21 and J.Crew at the mall.  Other than that, my options are limited, unless I want to haul myself up to Chicago.  So I have started to explore online shopping a bit more.  I am really not that big of an online shopper.  I never know what size I am going to wear, sometimes my foot is an 8.5, sometimes my foot fits in a 9.5, sometimes I wear a 4, sometimes I really look better in a 10, and I just really love the shopping experience where I get to see everything in real life.
The one great thing about online shopping is that I feel I am very selective.  I will not pull the trigger unless I absolutely love something because I don't love the sending back items option.  So I though I might share with you my purchases from the past couple of months.  These amazing over the knee boots from Lola will be perfect for fall, winter, and to put some edge into my sweet summer looks.  Did I mention they are on crazy sale?  This amazing J.Crew statement piece {need I say more} will be amazing as I cheer on the Irish during football season.  This versatile  Asos dress will come in handy for the weddings and graduations I have coming up, and these sturdy, festive, neutral Riffraff heels {they are kind of business up front and party in the back} will help me happily skip in to Spring and Summer. 
So what great buys have you made lately?  I am dying to know.  Happy Thursday...J


  1. gorgeous dress!!! and those sandals are just amazing.