Snow Blower

So I did it.  I bit the bullet.  I joined the Northern Indiana masses.  I, Jessica Reasons, purchased a snow blower, and I like it.  On our first trip to the Home Depot in Indiana last year, I saw this long line of contraptions. I literally asked Stuart, "What are those?"  He looks at me and says "Your joking?"  

I really had never seen a snow blower.  Not thinking we would need one last winter, we turned down a family member's kind offer to get us one.  Once winter showed its true colors, we were regretting the decision, but it sort of became this competition with "old man winter."

Well this year, I had no shame.  I survived last year.  I shoveled for countless hours, and I deserved a snow blower of my own.  So we bought one.  It is little, but mighty and runs on a rechargeable battery.  It even has a little spotlight for easy snow blowing in the pitch black of the morning.  I am able to clear our parking pad, our sidewalks, and both of the neighbors' sidewalks in 40 minutes.  

For those of you that know me, are you wondering if my blog has been hacked?  We have two great guest rooms if you want to come see me and the snow blower in action.  Happy Tuesday....J

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  1. Um, you are the cutest! And with all that white stuff all over the ground, you definitely deserve a snow blower! Let me know when you want to fly south to warmer Nashville days!

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