{Nutella Mocha}

Wore this comfy outfit to a brunch date with Mr. J on Sunday, where we shared a Nutella mocha.  If I look like I am frowning a bit in these pictures, I had a reason.  The Nutella mocha seemed so magical when we were ordering it, I am still not sure what I was expecting to happen when the server brought out the little treat, but I felt a little disappoined after getting the mocha.  It was weired....like I thought it was going to come out with a Nutella fairy or something.  Nope...pretty sure it was just a mocha with some Nutella stirred in.  Thinking I need to start working on my expectations management.  Happy Wednesday...J
Sweater {Zara}, Skirt {J.Crew}, Cowgirls {Urban Outfitters}, Clutch {Vintage}, Wooden Necklace {Anthropologie}, Red & Gold Beaded Necklace {DahiaLynn}

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