{Leather Sleeves}

Saw this sweater in the H&M in Vegas.  Don't know if I can even call it an H&M, it really felt more like a night club.  Between the flashing lights and rediculously, loud music, I seriously felt like an old granny.  I was thinking to myself, "Just look staright forward, grab the comfy looking things, and get out of here."  But I am not going to be to hard on myself because I do not think granny would have pulled a sweater with leather sleeves.  Giving myself a pat on the back right now....J
Sweater {H&M}, Dress {worn as a skirt...Dillards}, Flats {Cole Haan}, Scarf {Forever 21}, Jewels {J.Crew & David Yurman} 


  1. How did you do the sparkles on your scarf? Are they a J. Crew necklace or pins? Looks fantastic -- tutorial please? :)
    - Cat

  2. Cat,
    I am so glad that you liked the sparkles. It is acutally just a J.Crew Necklace. I wrapped the scrafed around my neck twice, then knotted it, and finally put the necklace over it. I hope this is helpful!