{His Closet}

Happy Monday!  So DahiaLynn finally crawled out from under the rock it was living under and created a facebook page and tiwtter.  Feel free to like or follow if you want some more DL in your life.  

So when the warmer months start to creep in, I consistently find myself wanting to walk around swaddled in my favorite cozy, blanket.  Realizing this is not really appropriate outside the privacy of my own home, I go to the next best thing....my husband's closet.  After seeing this post last week from the amazing Alicia of Cheetah is the New Black Black, I was dying to try the idea out, so I went to my closet for the leopard and his closet for the flannel.  I hope you like it.....J
Flannel {Urban Outfitters}, Leopard Button-up {J.Crew}, Jeans {Tory Burch}, Flats {Cole Haan}, Jewels {J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, DY, Vintage}


  1. Oh my gosh how incredibly cute!! I love the way you styled the leopard + plaid combo!

  2. you look so adorable!


  3. Thanks so much for the sweet comments ladies. Happy Thanksgiving!