{Birth Control Glasses}

Many of you know my love for glasses, but even these are a little crazy for me.  I love them, but I have to be feeling really confident to wear them out in public.  Last time I wore them, a gentleman complimented me on them, and I told him that my dad calls these my "birth control glasses."  He looked confused, and I said you know because they are so unattractive no one would be interested in me.  The man then looked at my husband and said in a hushed voice, "birth control glasses....that must be some new technology...crazy what they can do these days."  If you think he was kidding, he wasn't.  Happy almost weekend....J
Top {Zara}, Skinnies {Zara}, Jacket {Zara}, Platforms {Steve Madden}, bag {Celine}, Jewelry {David Yurman & J.Crew}