I wore this last Friday for date night and day 12 of my remix, and you can see I am still a little stuck on blooms.  When I slipped this comfy button-down on, my immediate wish was to tie it up at my waist, but I thought I would try the unbuttoned look, and I feel pretty good about it.  Might be wondering why I am wearing a B initial bracelet. My sweet husband and I used to affectionately call each other Baby all the time, and my sister said we were grossing her out.  Thus the nickname B stuck around....see you here tomorrow for a wrap up of my remixing thus far before I am off to Paris...J
Striped button-down {Forever 21}, Blush Silk Dress {Forever 21}, Belt {J.Crew}, Heels {Steve Madden}, Clutch {Steve Madden}, Blooms {Anthropologie and J.Crew}, Jewels {Target, J.Crew, Vintage} 

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  1. I really like the Blooms! They had something special to the Look