{She Wears Short Shorts}

Remember when I ordered these shorts right before my 30x30 remix?  I was anxiously awaiting their arrival, but was too nervous to wear them until Day 13 of the remix.  I will say they are a little bit shorter than I had anticipated, but since I am only a whopping 5'4 I think I can get away with them.   A huge plus is that they are super comfy, and I think they look pretty cute with the new DahliaLynn "Jaelle" necklace.  Happy Day...J
Top {Forever 21}, Shorts {LuLu's}, Flip Flops {Tory Burch}, Bag {LV Alma}, Jewels {DahliaLynn & Rachel Roy}


  1. Fabulous outfit! I love your top.

  2. Love the shorts on you...they don't appear "too short" at all :-) I always love cheetah on everyone else, and can't quite decide how to incorporate it into my wardrobe.....maybe shorts!!!

  3. how do you always look so classy?? love that top. :)