Hello Lovelies!  I was so excited to share this post with you because it included three recent DahliaLynn Pieces that two lovely ladies requested.  First, Ms. A requested matching DahliaLynn "Letters" necklaces for her little sister's birthday.  I love the personalized touch of this piece for a sweet gift.  Second, Ms. J requested a DahliaLynn "FayLynn" necklace like the one I gifted Ms. Tulip Louise for her first TL giveaway.  Ms. J has MAD style, and I am so excited she is interested in a DahliaLynn piece.  Interested in a piece that you have seen in my Etsy Shop or have a project in mind for me?  Email me at DahliaLynnLane@gmail.com.  The other baubles are some new pretties I picked up while I was supposed to be out "window shopping" today.  Rose Floral Top {Muse Boutique}, Gold Belt, Mixed Floral Top, Starfish, & World in Vogue Coffee Table Book {Vintage, GasLamp Antiques}  

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