White Elephant Two

So remember when I shared this post?  Not sure why I called myself the white elephant.  Looking back on it now, I am not sure where that came from.  Thinking this dress was pretty flattering, I don't think I felt like an elephant in it.  I was not wearing anything grey or a piece of jewelry with an elephant on it.  (I do have two elephant inspired pieces of jewelry if you are wondering.)  I also was not planning on gifting myself in the white dress as a joke to people in a "white elephant" game.  You know like the games you play at holiday work parties?  I do love the color white, and elephants are sweet, so maybe I was feeling sweet that day.  

Regardless of the urge I had to call myself the elephant, I am curious, which look do you like better?  The silver and cream statement necklace with grey fringe purse, or the brown and orange accessories.    I cannot decide.  Happy Wednesday..J

Dress {Zara}, Heels {Cole Haan}, Purse {Vintage}, Necklace {Habit}


  1. I love the warmer tones with the white.

    1. Ash...I am with you...loving the warm tones!!

  2. Love both, but the pop of color in this one has won me over :)