185 Days Left of No Shopping

So I have made it a whopping 15 days of no shopping.  I am not impressed with myself yet.  It is half a month if you have been paying close attention, but I really don't think I will be impressed until I hit 3 months.  We had a fabulous weekend with my sweet mother-in-law, who helped us get our basement organized.  A

Color blocking.  Have we talked about color blocking recently?  I don't think we have.  I think it has been forgotten.  But when I saw this stunning look on the big Pin, I knew I had almost the exact shades of blue and yellow to shop my own closet and create the look.  Are any of you still color blocking or are you on to the next?  Happy Monday...J

Top {Ann Taylor}, Pants {J.Crew}, Heels {Lucky Brand}, Purse {Jigsaw}, Necklace {J.Crew