DahliaLynn Does Game Day, Go Blue

Pretty excited to share my second "DahliaLynn Does Game Day" post.  Sure I'm happy because I am wearing high heels again for game day, sporting my favorite MZ Wallace diaper bag (works nicely as a purse if you must know), and wearing a leopard skirt. 

But what really tips me over the edge is this F-L-O-R-A-L jacket from Savoir-Faire.  I mean have you ever seen something so cute?  It is one of those pieces in my closet that I could wear every darn day.  Today I am channeling a look for all my Michigan fans out there.  GO BLUE*!  Happy Monday...J

T-Shirt {American Apparel}, Skirt {Blush}, Jacket c/o {Savoir-Faire}, Heels {Riffraff}, Necklace {Anthropologie}, Purse {MZ Wallace}

*Please note that I am not a Michigan fan.  Just trying to be a good sport.  Would rather cheer on the Dores, Irish, or Buckeyes.  

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