Cheers to the Sunnies

25 days and no shopping.  Only 175 days left to go.  Feelin pretty darn good, but not as good as when we spotted these sunflowers in a random bakery parking lot on Sunday.  At first I hesitated to take photos in front of these beauties.  Sure there is a visible chain link fence in the back, some trash on the ground, power lines, and a strange building in the back, but don't you think that makes the sunnies even prettier?  Reminds me, we can all shine bright in the world around us despite life's ups, downs, and imperfections.  Cheers to the sunnies...J

Dress {c/o, Riffraff}, Shoes {c/o Riffraff}, Necklace {Grey Dog Vintage}, Purse {Vintage}


  1. that's awesome! good for you! you look so adorable, i am loving those shoes!


  2. Rhiannon...thanks friend...and those shoes are so comfy!!