One Shoe, Five Ways, Part 5

Happy Tuesday sweet friends!  I know you have been waiting anxiously for this last look, just kidding, I know my clothes are not at all a focus of your life.  However, I am hoping you were a little excited that I am working so hard at this closet remixing thing since I will not be shopping for another 191 days.  

That's right folks.  I have made it 9 glorious days with no shopping.  And it is not like I have been living under a rock or avoiding places where you can buy things or blocking my favorite shopping sites or getting a shirt made that reads, "do not let this woman buy something from you."  I couldn't get the shirt made because I am not shopping.  Remember?!? 

So for now I will have to shop my own closet, enjoy my remixing magic and live vicariously through you people.  So help a girl out.  Anything amazing you have bought lately?  I am would love to know.  Happy Tuesday....J
Top {J.Crew}, Skirt {Ann Taylor}, Heels {Lola}, Clutch {Jigsaw}

P.S.  Did you have a favorite look from my latest one item, five ways?


  1. MMmmmm...I bought a gorgeous F21 maxi. It's so brightly colored and I <3 it.
    I hope you can make it the 191 days to go!

    1. Ash...have not been to Forever in weeks. Simply love that place!!