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Hi Friends! Thrilled to shared with you a long time friend and new blogger Jessica Posey at The Blog of Jessica Posey.  Jessica and I both work at Vanderbilt, and I definitely feel like she is a kindred spirit.  She also happens to be one of the most warm and kind people, who always makes you feel like a million bucks.  I am so excited that she took the plunge in to the blogging community, and I am anxious to hear how much you all love her after getting to know her a bit.  

"Happy Friday Lovefest, DahliaLynn Followers!  I am Jessica from the The Blog of Jessica Posey and I am honored to be partaking in this amazing series.   Jessica and I both work at Vanderbilt University and when I first met her, I was in awe of her beauty – both inside and out.  We bonded over our love affair of queso dip and handbags (specifically, me coveting her handbag collection).   I love helping people feel positive and confident, but I have to admit that when it pertains to thinking of myself, it took me awhile to figure out the things I love about ME.  So I want to thank Jessica for the reminder. 
 I love being a mentor – My office hires student workers every summer and each year, there is usually one that I try to become a mentor to.  I offer them guidance, encouragement and a shoulder to lean on and I absolutely love it.  College is tough – but it is even more challenging when things on the home front aren’t going well.  I can relate because I didn’t exactly have a traditional childhood.  I know that I would have loved to have a mentor in college and I just try to be that someone for these kids. 
I love that I am dork– Everyone has their own definitions of what a dork maybe, but I was never part of the popular crowd in school and I am glad I wasn’t.  I was in journalism, took AP classes, and was in student government, played softball and when my classmates were partying, I was usually at home helping my dad take care of my sister or choosing to be curled up in bed reading books. And if I could go back in time – I wouldn’t change a thing.

 I love being a best friend – It is one thing to have real sisters, but it is immensely gratifying to be considered a sista’ from another mista’. J  I love my best friends and I think I can safely say they love me right back.  I love the good times together that is almost always guaranteed, the quality conversations that are had, and the total honesty and no judgment policy that is shared between best friends.  

I love conquering my fears – I am not someone who has lots of fears, but this year I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t let fear hold me back from the things that I want to do.  Fear is all-mental and it such an amazing feeling when you can kick fear in the ass!  Don’t let fear hold you back from your dreams.

I love my teeth – When I was a kid, I use to suck my fingers and my two front teeth were pushed forward and had a space in between them.  As soon as I stopped sucking my fingers, my teeth miraculously moved back into a normal position.  I was very fortunate that after that, I didn’t need braces.  My teeth make my smile one of my best physical features.

    I love my life – Sounds clich√©, but I do.  Sure, it isn’t all roses, but whose is? I love being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, best friend, co-worker and acquaintance. My life is beautiful, challenging, wonderful and all mine.  J"

Knowing Jessica in real life, I can attest to all of these amazing things.  I especially love Jessica's first love about being a mentor.  So many of us out there mentor people as a part of our job, but rarely stop to think about the wonderful impact we are having.  I want to extend another big welcome in to the blog world for Jessica.  I also wanted to share a little secret, there might or might not be a discount code on Jessica's blog today for DahliaLynn jewels, so get on over there and check it out.  Happy Friday...J


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  1. So fun that you work with another blogger friend! You can talk ideas and relate so easily to on and another :)