THIS in THAT: Dresses on Walls

Been working like a mad woman all day.  I am not kidding that in between meetings, I have been glued to the emails that are streaming in this week.  So I cannot lie that these two images took me to a lovely place.  Two things that make me very happy in this life are flowy dresses and bathtubs.  So this was the perfect little evening fix to start unwinding, while wishing I has stepping out of THIS tub to hop in THAT dress.  This is the second time I have seen some amazing wall decor in the form of a real life dress.  Hope you are reading this Husband, so it will explain the dresses hanging on the walls when you get home Saturday.  I am only kidding....maybe.  A fun little announcement tomorrow, so please pop back in to say hello.  Happy Tues...J


  1. Hope it's a good busy day :) Meaning lot's of great opportunities for you!

  2. OMG, I have loved that top picture for ever! I even did something in my guest bedroom inspired by that picture. Love the Husband comment! :)