{Love You: Kirsten}

Happy Friday Lovies!!  I hope everyone has had an amazing week.  I am so excited that my sweet sister comes tonight.  Just like old times we will hit up the old haunts, shop till be drop, eat at some of our favorite spots, and karaoke will be involved.  But before I head off into the weekend sunset, I am here to shower some love on the creative genius behind another one of DahliaLynn's newest sponsors, Kirsten Blowers of Riffraff.  The amazing images above, courtesy of Benfield Photography and Riffraff, are seriously just a little, tiny glimpse into Kirsten's sparkly life.  So let me share a little bit about what I am loving about Kirsten today.  

"I love Kirsten's bold style.  We have never actually met in person, but we have been Instagram buddies for a while, and I can tell from the shoots she has styled and the little pictures I see here and there that Kirsten dresses for herself.  I mean any lady, who slaps an amazing, giant, flower headband on her head and is grinning ear to ear is a hero of mine.

I love that Kirsten is so close to her mom.  She even shares in her Riffraff bio that her mom is her best friend.  I think this is simply the sweetest, and since I still call home every day at the age of 28, I am glad to know I am in good company.

I love that Kirsten likes the little details.  If you could see Riffraff's shop, you would notice not only the amazing clothes, but all of the fun greeting cards, state pride t-shirts, home goods, koozies, and goodies simply around every corner.  It is one happy little place, and I love that she thinks of all the little things.

I love that Kirsten is creative and business minded.  This comes as no surprise since I know how successful Riffraff has become since it was founded with just $100.00 just 4 years ago.  But this success did not just happen over night, it happened because of Kirsten's hard work and creativity.  For example, Riffraff's online site posts 12 new arrival looks on their site every day that are always 15% off.  I mean...it is genius.  Easy to stay up to date with new items, limited quantities so not everyone has the same pieces, and a discount is just the cherry on top.  It is this creative thinking that has made Riffraff so successful."

These are just a couple of the things that I love about Kirsten, and I could not be more excited about DahliaLynn's newest sponsor.  You can find Riffraff's link right here to the right....literally.  If you don't live in the Fayettville, AR neighborhood, don't worry you can get their goodies at www.shopriffraff.com.  If you have not done so already, take a moment today to hop on over to their blog and shopping site to see what is new with Riffraff.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Lotsa love...J