Mini Cute, Wallets on Chains

Hi Friends!  How was everyone's Easter weekend?  As I mentioned last week, my best buddy and little sister was in town this past weekend, and it certainly made the weekend extra special.  Coming off a few days jam packed with catching up, laughing, eating, and shopping, Monday is looking pretty good.  So this past weekend, Jenny and I were shopping for a gift for our sweet Mumsey, who has a birthday coming up.  Naturally we kept getting sidetracked, and Jenny had found the cutest little iPhone case.  

She was in the process of checking out when the sales woman said, "Well isn't that a cute little wallet on a chain."  We both were laughing about it as we walked off because we could not figure out if it was a compliment or the sales woman making sure we knew that she did not think Jenny's mini Chanel was a purse.  It was just, weird.  

Then yesterday I was on Pinterest and came across another photo of Blair E. and her sweet little mini Celine.  I wonder if anyone has ever told her they like her wallet on a chain.  Probably not.  But I am starting to think that Blair E. was on to something.  Though I must admit, I feel like that woman could start carrying around a DIY glitter trash bag and we would all give our stamp of approval...Genius!!...So affordable!!...Glitter Trash Bags are the next big thing!!  I say this lovingly as the girl has mad style.   

But as I started searching the web, I found that Chanel and Celine are not the only designers to make a sweet little mini, and I must say, I do like the look.  Not saying that mini Chanels, Celines, LV's, etc. have shot straight to the top of my spring wish list, but maybe I will start looking for some chains to attach to my wallets to.  Happy Monday...J
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  1. That top orange bag is adorable!


    1. I love orange so much. I guess the Celine is ok too:) Thank you for stopping by!!

  2. Love the Louie and the Chanel....actually, I would take them all. :)

    1. Me too girl...I know I could find a use for all of them!!