I am giddy with excitement to be here today introducing DahliaLynn's latest sponsor, Lydali.  Lydali was founded by college kindred spirits Ali and Lydia.  After Ali returned from a trip to Indonesia, she had an idea to create a curated online collection of items from all around the world that would also connect buyers with the artisan's behind these magical goods.   Of course Lydia jumped right on board.  

Lydali is one of those special sites that I get lost in.  Aside from the amazing curated collection that has me fighting the urge to pull out my wallet and buy everything, you can also find your way to Lydali's blog that is a mix of so many amazing posts, from artisan spotlights to guest bloggers styling Lydali's amazing pieces to Ali and Lydia sharing amazing styles that mix with their one of a kind collection pieces to highlighting festivals and celebrations important to the areas where they find their artisan goods, Lydali's blog does an amazing job of sharing the worlds away.  

First up on my shopping list from Lydali, these amazing wooden and gold bangles.  
 I hope you will take some time today to look around Lydali's site.  I would love to hear which Lydali piece you love the most.  Happy Thursday...J


  1. Love their whole concept, shop, everything! Those bangles would be at the top of my list too!

    1. Bangles are always the best. I hope you are having a great week!!