I Spy DahliaLynn Jewels

Got back super late last night from an adventurous weekend, more on that later this week, but I realized today that I never shared one of my favorite pictures recently of a sweet friend wearing her favorite DahliaLynn necklace.  Better late than never.  Right?  So here it is, Caitlin, the voice behind the amazing blog Sacramento Street, wearing her DahliaLynn "Agatha" necklace.  The best thing about this photo is that it was taken for Caitlin's home tour on Style Me Pretty Living.  I got that warm and fuzzy feeling as I was reading the feature and spotted my little pretty hanging from her neck in a photo taken by the talented Bess Friday that I believe truly captures Caitlin's welcoming essence.

Not sure that I have shared this, but I was recently given a promotion at work.  I am so thankful and excited at some of the new responsibilities that come with my new title, but things have been even busier than usual, leaving little time to make jewels.  I have been being hard on myself and wondering if I am just doing too much.  The answer is of course a resounding "YES," but this picture reminds me why I ever started making jewelry in the first place.  I just need to remember "slow and steady wins the race."  Happy Monday...Jessica  

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  1. gorgeous photo and gorgeous necklace!