{Love You: Krista}

All Photos from Junkin, Diggin, & Gettin Lost
Hi Loves!!  Happy Friday.  Today started off amazing because my sweet mother-in-law is in town.  Hi Anne!!  She has flown in to help me with the house since I have a big wedding shower to throw next weekend.  I can only pray I have the kind of energy Anne does when I am older, and as kind of a heart always willing to help.  Can't wait to share what we do over the weekend with you all.

But first, let me introduce you to Krista!  I found Krista's blog recently and fell HEAD...OVER...HEELS for her style that she shares on Junkin, Diggin, & Gettin Lost.  If you have spent any time around DahliaLynn you know my love for color, vintage, and unique personal style.  Not sure if Krista knows it, but she is at the tip top of my style love list, so it is even more special to have her here today to share what she is loving about herself. 

"1.  I love that I am a small town, country girl:  I am so proud to come from a small, southern town; where I learned the importance of family and how to be grounded. 

2.  I love that I am a pretty strong person:  Many situations over the years have proven over and over again that I'm a really strong person, which makes me not too scared to take on any obstacles or tough situations. 

3.  I love that I am fair:  I know life isn't always fair, but I have always tried to be fair to others.  And if I ever feel like I wasn't, it haunts me for days.

4.  I love that I am outgoing:  I can carry on a conversation with just about any type of person.  Years in retail have only increased this ability."

This is the first time on a Love You post that someone has mentioned being fair.  Don't you feel like you are always hearing the phrase, "Life is not fair."  I do...and...well...it is not fair, but that certainly does not mean we have to contribute to the unfairness.  I really love that Krista takes time to activiely ensure she is making a change that she wants to see in her life.  Thank you Krista for sharing your "loves" today.  So glad to have found your amazing blo.  Happy Friday and lotsa love...J 



  1. Krista is the sweetest and most kind person, really love her fashion blog that I follow now for a longer time, she never fails to impress me with her creations :-).Great pick Jessica!


    1. Fleurani...I agree she was a fantastic pic. Always love her looks!! HOpe you are having a great Monday!

  2. holy moly those are some gorgeous pictures! Looks like we need to all have a photoshoot on the walking bridge in our future!

    1. Yes..photoshoot on the walking bridge sounds amazing!!