{The Nice Way Out at The Starbucks Drive-Thru}

So last week I took, "the nice way out."  As opposed to the "mean/icky/annoyed/frustrated/angry way out."  I hope you all are not starting to think after these posts that I usually take "the not so nice way out.":/  After getting two great Starbucks gifts cards for Christmas and my Bday I have been working like a mad woman to get the gold Starbucks Reward card.  Don't ask me why I want it...but if you are wondering it is just so pretty.  This has caused me to start swinging by Starbucks on my way to work for a latte each morning.  Now...you must know the Starbucks with the drive-thru closest to me in the mornings is like preparing for battle.  There is always a line, people turning in from all directions, the occasional adult tantrum, and some mornings just does not seem worth it.  That is why I am keeping my eye on the gold Starbucks rewards card prize.  

Anyways....last week there was this woman in the left hand turning lane wanting to turn in to the Starbucks drive-thru line, but she was unwilling to wait her turn since she had gotten in the turning lane after many of the cars in the lane I was in.  When the person in from of me did not let her go in front of them, she started honking her horn repeatedly and screaming from her car.  It was nuts, and she looked like a lunatic.  I of course let her go in front of me in fear of what might happen if this woman did not get a latte.  Initially I was annoyed because her tantrum was just simply unnecessary, but then I thought what an awful way to start her morning....pissed off and screaming at strangers from her car. 

I found myself wondering what it was going to take for her to get her morning back on track.  So I decided to buy her coffee.  Let me be clear though, I did not want.  I thought she was rude and impatient, but you know, me sitting their judging her for acting like a fool was starting to ruin my morning, and I had the control to turn things around for both of us.  Luckily she was not on a Starbucks run for a couple of drinks and breakfast sandwiches to feed a small army, but she just wanted a tall latte.  So I did, I took, "The Nice Way Out."  And it felt...nice.  Happy Wednesday...J   


  1. Kudos for taking the higher ground and leading by example. That's really awesome!

    1. Well I am certain all she learned was that throwing a trantrum can get you free coffee, but you know what I just don't care. Really hoped that it helped her set the reset button on her morning. I hope you are having a great week!