{LOVE YOU: Alex}

Sooo..... thank you for stopping in once again to read DahliaLynn's newest series, LOVE YOU.  Every Friday, I am here with some of my favorite gals, who are sharing what they love about themselves.  Today meet Alexandra from Ave Styles.  Like many of my blog buddies, we met at Alt. Summit last year.  Alex is such a sweetie pie, and I was thrilled the last time we got to grab drinks when I was visiting Phoenix.  She and her husband have a little one on the way, if you didn't guess from the pictures.  Is she not the cutest little momma-to-be??  Read on to find out what Alex is loving about herself.

"I’m SO glad to be a part of this wonderful series Jessica is doing on her blog! As a fashion stylist, I get to spend many days helping men and women feel wonderful about their unique appearance and style. So, it’s a quite refreshing to take a moment and celebrate the things I love about myself too.

I love being a dreamer // Growing up as an only child my imagination was the thing that kept me occupied the most. I can remember talking to myself for hours in the mirror pretending I was a newscaster, an Oscar recipient, a famous singer...You name it and I probably dreamed about being it. Even at 28 I sporadically find myself lying on the floor of my bedroom staring at the ceiling dreaming about what the future may hold. Without this quality I would be directionless - lacking goals for myself, my business and my family. Dreaming is never wasted time. Instead it rejuvenates my soul, my creativity and my passion.

I love that I’m a neat freak // Most creatives I meet are pretty messy. Their closets are cluttered, their cars are trashed, and forget ever finding anything on their desk....Nope, not me. I am a neat freak and I LOVE it. For me, I find that I cannot even begin to conceptualize photo shoots or other creative projects until my space is spotless. De-cluttering my surroundings helps me "de-clutter" my brain. Besides, who doesn’t like a couch with the pillows fluffed or a bed neatly made up? Of course, I may not always love the process of cleaning, but the result is enough to motivate me.

I love that I am real // Life is too short to be fake and to have shallow relationships. Everyone appreciates authenticity, and I feel like our society is crrraaving it. It’s very easy to hide behind our laptops and cell phones only showing the best of ourselves all of the time. I think people have this idea that they can get away with it in person too. Not with me. I don’t wear masks, and my face cannot tell a lie even if I wanted it too. Maybe I’m guilty of being an over-sharer, wearing my heart on my sleeve and being too loud at times, but I know no one ever walks away after hanging out with me wondering what is really going on in my heart, my mind and how much I enjoy them.

I love that I’m an encourager - As a fashion stylist, half of my job is curating different fashions, and the other is encouraging men and women. That’s why I think I have the BEST job in the world. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days empowering people to feel comfortable in their own skin and outwardly express their emotions and personality?! I love when I meet a client that is feeling down about themselves, and I can help flip that frown upside down by encouraging them in their individuality and beauty.
I love my personal style - Your innate personality, life experiences and cultural heritage all come together to influence your personal style. So, I suppose, fully loving myself is loving my east coast prep mixed with Palm Springs glam fashion taste. haha. Yep! That’s the best way to describe my style. I grew up with parents who are from New England, so I spent most of my summers visiting family in Rhode Island and New Hampshire. But I was born in Los Angeles, have lived in Houston, Texas and now reside in Phoenix, Arizona. So, I’m basically a laid back, feminine prepster that enjoys all things mid-century modern and contemporary with touches of glam here and there."

Like all the "Love You" posts, it is hard to pick a highlight.  But I love that Alex love's her ability to be an encourager.  The fact that she has poured her heart and soul into a career that lets her build others up is inspiring.  Thank you Alex for visiting with us today.  Any of you out there want to share what you are loving about yourself today??  Happy Friday...lotsa love...J


  1. she is so gorgeous!


  2. So many amazing photos! :)


  3. So uplifting! LOVE YOU: What a great and goddessy idea to off set the many way THE WORLD can offset our inherent self esteem! Fabulous pics too.