{Love You: Brittany}

Hi sweet readers!  I am happy to say that I am really starting to feel like my old self again, after almost a week of being sick.  I don't know a better way to start off my weekend than to share with you the newest addition to the DahliaLynn "Love You" Series, Ms. Brittany from ittybittybomb.  I have been admiring Brittany's style for awhile, but came to admire even more the love that is inside this gal {who is cute as a button}, after a post that she did a little while back that she will share with you below.  I was right in the process of reaching out to bloggers about the "Love You" series, and I was so excited to connect with her.  Brittany is such an inspiration for self love.  So without another moment passing, please read on to meet this amazing woman.

 "Hi there DahliaLynn peeps, I’m Brittany from ittybittybomb and it’s so nice to {virtually} meet you! When Jessica contacted me about participating in her new series “Love You”, it couldn’t have come at more perfect time in my life. Recently, I went through some huge changes in my life, and it’s a new chapter of accepting what makes me unique and discovering what I love about me. So here it goes…

#1 I love my “new” hair. Long story short, {pun intended} I am now rocking a pixie cut. And even though I’m still the same gal I always was, having short hair has me seeing the world in a completely new way. For one, there’s no more hiding behind locks of hair—which can be scary. The feeling of exposing ones face for the world to see has been one of the most liberating {and scary} experiences I have ever gone through. It’s my proclamation to the world to accept me as I am, and that feels awesome. With short hair, I’ve found my style evolving…wearing combinations of edgy and more feminine pieces and adding fun statement earrings in the mix.  But one thing is certain; I have never felt more “me” in my entire life.

Oh and in case you’re interested in reading about the long story of it, feel free to read my story here.

#2 I love that I get lost in my head. I have a tendency to get fixated on whatever intrigues my interest at the moment, but that also means bouncing around from one thing to another. But my mind is always going, always tinkering away to plot ways to keep myself busy, solve a problem, or to remind myself of something hilarious that happened a week ago.

#3 I love that I can laugh at myself. I often find myself in did-that-just-happen moments and if I took myself too seriously, I would probably be hiding under a rock. I’m a goofy person at {most} times; you know the usual tripping over the sidewalk while wearing flats, running into a wall/door/anything, or saying something so random that I’m the only one laughing. But through all of my silly mishaps, at least I’ve got some pretty funny stories.

#4 I love my approach to find beauty…in all things, even if it’s really hard. Ever since my alopecia {see #1}, I adopted a new mantra to seek the beauty in everything. With this approach, I am constantly finding myself inspired by the world around me. ♥"

So do ya love her yet?  There are so many things that I love about Brittany's loves, but my favorite piece today is when she admits that the approach to find beauty in all thins, is "really hard."  As much as I hope this series always leaves you with a big warm and fuzzy feeling, sometimes finding beauty in ourselves is tough, but like Britany says, that is completely ok.  Just want to say a big thank you to Brittany for sharing today.  I hope everyone has an amazing weekend.  Lotsa Love...J

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