{Love You: Erin}

So happy it is Friday and yet another "Love You" feature.  When Erin sent her "loves" over earlier this week she shared that a close friends was struggling with some self confidence issues.  Erin shared this feature with her friend, who was excited to find a place where she could come and find out how others were learning to love themselves more.  I am so thankful for all my buddies that are willing to share in the love with me, so that we can all help each other out.  So please don't waste another minute and meet Erin!

"I feel so honored that sweet Jessica asked me to be a part of her "Love You" feature. I'm also so thankful that someone has finally breached the subject. Here in the blogosphere, there are so many gorgeous and unattainable standards {and also skilled photoshop-ers}. We love to portray the pretty, but not always the real. It is so important to realize how special each and every one of us truly are. I'll be the first to say that I definitely deal with insecurities, but some of these things have help mold me into what I am today, which I love.

1. I love my body {but not how you think}. Let me just start by saying, I was a string bean growing up. I was relentlessly teased, my own mother would even call me a prisoner of war. I had no curves, looked like a boy in a swimsuit, and hated every second of it. My mother always told me that one day I would appreciate this. As it turns out I became a lover of all things fashion, and didn't have to worry about certain types of {previously coveted} curves holding me back. I now can wear just about anything {though still not the biggest fan of the bikini ;) }!

2. I love my readers {that counts, right?}! I love that I started my blog as a (secret) fashion blog and then introduced it to friends and family. I couldn't believe the support! I then began gaining blog friends from around the country and world! They have followed my blog through subject changes, makeovers, and the biggest change of all, rebranding my little old blog to a fashion and faith blog. Something that I had been thinking about for a long while. I knew going into it that I would probably lose a lot of followers... Boy was I wrong. The Lord had something else in store for Ashes of Laughter! I started gaining followers because I was sharing my faith. I have been so blessed with these wonderful people the Lord has brought into my life through my blog {including precious Jessica}!

3. I love that I can laugh at myself. And I mean really laugh at myself. Whether I'm falling up a flight of stairs, dancing {hoping nobody is watching}, or talking in horrible fake accents with my friends. Oh, and a lot of the time, I'm laughing at myself, to myself, by myself. There are few greater pleasures than being able to truly enjoy your own company.  

4. I love that I'm a bookworm. For real, I want to retire and become a librarian {nerd alert}. My Dad sacrificed countless hours reading to me every night as a little girl. He'll never know the true impact it made on me. He sparked my love affair with fiction. What greater treat than being able to whisk away to another world entirely. Whether it's full of hobbits, wizards, or a love affair with a Pakistani shopkeeper, I love them all. It literally pains me when people tell me they don't read. If that's you, email me I'll recommend something to get you hooked!

5. I love that I'm a romantic. My high school friends would laugh hearing me say that. I was never the little girl dreaming about her wedding, I was always going to be an artist {very independent}. I don't know what happened, I used to think romance was ridiculous, and completely unnecessary. I was always in it for the game {embarrassing to admit? yes}. But now, I don't know what it is! Blame it on too many bubble baths, Jane Austen novels, and Meg Ryan  movies, I can appreciate a good courtship! ;)"

Do you all love reading these as much as I do or am I just a huge sap??  My favorite thing that Erin shared today was the love she has for her blog readers, who in turn support her for her love in the Lord.  How often do we think of the love we have for those in our life that support and love us for being our true selves.  Sometimes it can be a little easier to love ourselves when we are reminded why others love us.  Thank you so much for Erin for sharing today.  Lots of love...J