{Love You: Christine}

Hi Lovelies!  I am here today with what is rapidly becoming my favorite post of the week, another "Love You" feature.  Today meet the beautiful Christine of the amazing blog Court+Hudson.  You might remember her from DahliaLynn giveaway we hosted together a while back.  Read on to find out what this amazing gal is loving about herself.

Hi gals, Christine from court + hudson here. I was so touched when Jessica asked if I would like to be included in this feature. I know there have been plenty of posts, discussions, coffee dates and so on about how the blogging world can be somewhat of the wild, wild west at times - leaving this wide open space prone to negativity, criticism and harsh feelings. 
A little positivity goes a long way, and listing a few reasons why I think I AM fabulous makes me reflect on what I love in those around me. So here goes, five things I love about myself…

1 | I love that I am a jill of all trades. I used to think that knowing how to do a million things but nothing very well wasn't all that great, but as I navigate through my adult life I realize it makes me that much more multifaceted. Am I the best stylist? No. Do I know everything about operating power tools? Hell no. Can I take awesome pictures? No, but I'm learning. I am curious enough to try and figure things out on my own, even if it means spending a good deal of time with my friend, Google. And sometimes, being a jill of all trades means you do need help from the pros - which serves as a good reminder to myself to always continue learning and growing. 

2 | My hair, kind of rocks. There, I said it If I had to pick any physical feature on myself, that would be it. It's thin but there is LOTS of it, which means it will do whatever you ask of it. And it rarely gets frizzy, but has a great natural wave. I can get out of the shower, shake my fingers through it with a blow dryer to smooth it out a bit and I'm good to go. 

3 | I'm a listener. I have never been the most talkative or the most outgoing, but if you need someone to listen, to be a soundboard, to give some advice, I'm your gal. I find that I surround myself with people that love to talk so I've always been the one to sit back and hear their conversations, thoughts and musings. It has taught me a great deal about how to navigate different personalities and how to be a better wife, friend, boss and colleague. 

4 | love that I am following my heart. I think so many of us struggle with what it is we're supposed to be doing and constantly looking outward as a gauge of whether or not we're charting the expected course. I make decisions for myself, not based on what is expected. That is not to say that I don't weigh the options, but I find that when I truly look inward and reflect on what it is my heart and head are telling me to do, that those decisions always end up being the best choices. 

5 | I love that I am growing in to the best version of ME. Being a blogger can be brutal sometimes. I know my inner dialogue often leaves me feeling the urge to compare myself to others, but the past couple months have been extremely eye opening for me. There will never be anyone quite like me so why not own it? It's a very powerful thing to realize."

And since you know I love to choose a favorite piece.  I love that Christine calls herself a "Jill of All Trades."  One, I think it is amazing anytime I meet someone that can do so many different things and is never afraid to take on a project or learn something new.  Two, I really feel like that phrase shows Christine's fun-loving and playful side.  Though we have never met in person, Christine has always struck me as the confident, fun, wanna be her best buddy, kind of girl.  Christine...thank you so much today for sharing what you love about you, and I hope to get to chat in person sometime soon.  Lots of love...J


  1. So inspiring! Another great post. And I agree with her- she DOES have fabulous hair!

    xoxo, Emily

  2. Big fan of Christine from Court and Hudson, her blog is alway so inspiring!

  3. Loving these posts! So great to hear what everyone has to say! I love that Christine says she is the growing into the best version of herself! Love it! XX