{Love You: Kim}

Photo By Denene Bronx Photography
 Though every "Love You" post is special to me, Kim's holds an extra special spot because we went to high school together.  However, with a only two large high schools in town, Kim and I did not know each other super well, but I have come to know her much better through her beautiful blog kimberlyloc.  An expert, especially, in all things beauty, I love checking in with Kim throughout the week to get the latest tips and tricks on products and style.  Read on to see all the reasons why I find her to be an inspiration in the lessons of self love.

"While it’s easy for us to point out the flaws in ourselves and in others, it’s not as easy
to highlight the truly wonderful things about ourselves without feeling cocky.

I chose to share things about myself that people have, over the years, pointed out
about me that are beyond the “You are so lucky you have naturally straight hair,” or
the “I can’t believe you never had braces.” Because, you know, the critic in me even
has me thinking “yeah, but…” about those seemingly positive attributes.

These five characteristics help define who I am as a person, and are things that I
truly love about myself. I hope I can inspire you to find your best qualities, repeat
them out loud every day and own them!

I’m independent.

I grew up with three older brothers, but because there were such huge age gaps
between us (10 years, 9 years and 6 years), all my brothers were out of the house by
the time I was 12.

This really shaped who I have become as a young woman, because I was sort of
always on my own. My parents also taught me that you have to rely on yourself to
get what you want.

I love that my independence has allowed me to make big decisions in my life — and
I know that this independence will continue to help me make big leaps on my own
terms, not someone else’s.

• Things like deciding to be the only person in my family to go to college out of

Things like having the courage the quit jobs in a weak economy because they
weren’t feeding my creativity and needs.

I chalk those things up to my developing a strong, independent personality that
allows me to say, “hey, it’s OK to do your own thing and make sure YOU are happy.”

I’m outspoken.

Your 20s are all about learning how to manage your voice. As a young, professional
woman, I love the idea of being bold and owning my ideas. We don’t have enough of
it in our generation and gender, and I love that I am comfortable enough in my own
skin to be the outspoken person in a group.

Being an outspoken person doesn’t mean I just talk without thinking. I learned in
my first career as a magazine editor to put a filter on it and pick your battles. But I

learned that after I made bold statements and expressed myself. Would I change any
of the decisions I made back then? No. Have I learned from them and fine-tuned my
boldness? Absolutely.

I love being the person who challenges ideas, and I love that I can inspire other
young, professional women to use their brains and their voices to help create

I’m friendly.

My friends make fun of me because I’m the girl who has a “friendly chat” with the
person at the grocery store, bar or checkout line and ends up making that person
(usually an awkward male or old man) think I’m flirting with him.

I love making people feel comfortable, and I enjoy engaging people in light
conversation. Even though my friends make fun of me, I love this about myself —
I’ve never met a stranger, and I enjoy talking to people.

And hey, you never know whose day you might make by just taking a minute to
engage in some small talk.

I’m interested.

I studied journalism and sociology in school because I’m fascinated by people’s
stories and what makes them tick.

No matter who I meet (and this goes along with the point above), I can find
something to latch onto (aka obsess about) with someone. Being interested in
people other than yourself or your idols is good for you, because you embody
compassion, and it’s good for the other person, because they feel special.

I think this is a win-win, and I love this about myself because rarely am I bored with
someone…there’s always something to be interested in … you just have to approach
people from different angles and meet them where they are!

I’m emotional.

As outspoken and independent as I claim to be, I’m also a huge softie.

I’ve been known to cry at weddings, get misty-eyed when I leave my mom’s house
and allow hot tears to run down my face during sad or inspiring commercials. I don’t
mind, though, because I’ve learned that feeling your feelings — and expressing them
when needed — is healthy and productive."

Favorite quote of this post, "I love being the person who challenges ideas, and I love that I can inspire other young, professional women to use their brains and their voices to help create change."  As someone, who has struggled sometimes with feeling a little TOO outspoken, especially at work, this quote hit me hard.  It is so important to remember that if we are not speaking up we cannot even begin to create change.  Thank you Kim for such a lovely feature.  Sending lots of love your way.  Happy Friday, lotsa love...J