I was out sick again today.  It is driving me crazy being sick.  But this afternoon I dragged myself to the living room {which I am now calling the parlor because I think it is more fun} to prepare for a guest post I am doing tomorrow.  As I was looking through old photos, I decide to put a couple of my pictures on rerun today.  I love to do this every once in awhile.  I feel like it is a mini movie of the blog over the past few months.  It also helps me out since I have been in no state to be photographed for almost a week now.  Which look is your favorite?  Happy Hump Day...J


  1. ooh - so much pretty... no way I could even pick a favorite! I do love the camo pants, print mixing, and of course your amazing purse collection!

  2. Molly was right! you have wonderful style! and I enjoyed reading some of your love you series. Love your jewelery too!

  3. Found your blog through Piece of Toast and have just spent a solid half hour browsing old posts! Your style is wonderful, perhaps reflective of the awesome city you live in (I'm jealous). I have a three-way tie here for the camo pants, the ripped jeans, and the bottom scarf. Don't make me choose!

  4. You have such great style! I can't believe I just now found your blog. I'm happily a new follower:)
    xo, Chelsea

  5. Jessica, Albertina, Jessie, and cbSallee, Thanks so much for the love. You gals are too sweet to stop by DahliaLynn. I hope everyone had an amazing weekend!!