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I am so sorry for the late morning post.  Per the usual this morning did not go as planned {think over sleeping, spilling coffee, and puppy time outs}, but I am so excited to be sharing this next "Love You" post.  I connected with Chioma over instagram where I also found here amazing polished looks to be filled with color and fun.  Then I developed a major style crush when I went to check out Chioma's Evolution of Style.  She doesn't know it, but she is one of those bloggers that I would probably run and hug if I met her in real life.  The fact that she has killer style does not hurt, but she comes across as warm, fun, and genuine.  So please read on to learn what Chioma is loving about herself.

"Hi everyone! I am Chioma fromChioma's Evolution of Style!  Thanks so much for having me! When Jessica contacted me in the summer to participate in her new “Love You” series, I was so flattered! Honestly it was a refreshing break from the features focused on pretty things and fashion. I began thinking of what I would say that I loved about myself that would not seem superficial. It has taken me a long time to become confident in myself and to genuinely love who I am as a woman, so I am excited to share a few of the things I love about myself with you!

  • I love that I am finally getting to know and love my natural hair - Almost two years ago; I decided I didn’t want to relax/perm my hair and opted to wear it in its natural texture. I wore braids for a year before I was ready to get my relaxed hair cut off and rock the natural curls that had grown in. It wasn’t easy in the beginning; in fact it was downright unnerving, but as time passed, I found myself walking with a new confidence I had never had before. Wearing my hair naturally, especially short and out in a fro, has truly helped me find my personal style. I got auburn highlights and began wearing huge statement earrings and bright colors to really accentuate my face and hair!
  • I love that I am a good judge of character - I have always had the spirit of discernment.  I am able to get “vibes” from people within minutes of meeting them. In the past, I have ignored my gut feeling and gotten close to people who would later prove to be unworthy of my trust and show their true colors. Other times I have known within minutes that the person I met was someone truly special who would be in my life forever, i.e., my Fiancé!!
  • I love that I am funny – Or should I say witty? At least that’s what I was voted in my high school superlatives! Ha! I laugh really loudly, from my belly, when something is funny to me. I like to bring humor to gloomy situations because I believe laughter is therapeutic. When my family & friends are down and I may not have the answer for them, I just make them laugh to cheer them up!
  • I love my legs - I hated my chicken legs as a teenager and always being one of the tallest in class growing up (and being taller than all the boys). But those same legs have helped me become a pretty good tennis and basketball player. Those same legs somehow manage to look toned even though I don’t workout as much as I should. And those same legs help me stand tall and make me look a lot leaner than I really am ;)
  • I love that I am about to become someone’s wife – I met my Fiancé in college and he is the caramel to my chocolate! ;o) He is my best friend and confidant, and he loves me and truly understands me, sometimes better than I do myself. He has broken down all the walls I put up and we have really grown up together. I love how smart, patient, kind, sweet, handsome, and thoughtful he is and he really is my better half. God truly blessed me with him and I love him so much. I look forward to becoming his wife, starting a family, growing old with him, experiencing the ups and downs in life together, and making life memories with my future husband."
Gosh...do you see what I am talking about.  Warm, approachable, kind, fun, like all my "Love You" gals I can't get enough of learning more about Chioma.  It is always hard to pick a favorite, but I love that Chioma highlights her good judge of character.  I often feel the same way, and am sometimes criticized by a few friends for being too shy initially, too cautious, or too skeptical, but you can't ignore those gut feelings.  There is actually a lot of reserach out there that explains that "gut" feeling we all talk about is based off of a lifetime of experiences, so we should never be quick to ignore it.  I also love that Chioma loves her really loud laugh.  We shoudl all laugh from the belly more often and the world would be a much happier place.  Thank you to Chioma, my new buddy, for taking time out of your busy schedule to share your loves with us.  I am so thankful to have virtually met you.  Now get out there this weekend and show yourself some love...J  

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