{Diaper Bag}

Before you waste your breath on gasping...no I am not pregnant.  But I would like to introduce you to my diaper bag.  She is not new.  I have had her for about three years.  The regular M.Z. Wallace bags just were not the right size for me.  So then when I found this M.Z. Wallace diaper bag {it came complete with the little changing thing}, I thought why not.  I can carry about a bazillion things in it, and I loved the ice grey.  Also, I would not be lying if I told you I walk the dogs every morning in this sweater dress and Ugg boots.  I know for many of you Ugg boots are the cardinal sin of fashion.  But my mom and I were wearing them even before they were cool {not really sure they ever were cool}, and they are so comfy and cozy.  I am not ashamed.  Happy Wednesday...J
Sweater Dress {SuiteOne Boutique}, Scarf by Lovesmith {Hazel's Haven}, Boots {Frye}, Bag { Similar M.Z. Wallace}, Jewels {Forever 21 & DY}


  1. Love this sweater dress, perfect for a warm winter fire!

  2. I do remember your sis wearing Uggs to school before they went viral! I still wear mine too! :)