{THIS not THAT: Mexican Blanket}

 So you remember the old "THIS in THAT" posts that I like to do.  Well here is a new twist.  While searching the web this morning for a fun room that incorporated a mexican blanket, I came up with not a whole lot from the interior design world as it relates to cute pictures using a mexican blanket as decor.  I did, however, stumble upon several looks that left me stunned at the ways people were using mexican blankets.  Who every knew there was a mexican blanket bra top out there?  Thanks Asos....because now I know that they not only exist, but where to buy one.  This inspired me to do a new twist on my old favorite and write about THIS not THAT.  I would definitely love to kick the cool weather in the face with THIS sweet little mexican blanket jacket.  But the image of myself in THAT mexican blanket bra could give me nightmares.  But a huge high five out there to my ladies, who I know would rock it.  Happy Tuesday...J

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