{Red Wine}

I guess if I wanted to be "in season" I would have titled this post ox blood.  Though I think this maroonish color is not dark enough to be ox's blood, even though I have to admit I have never seen ox blood in person.  But it does seem to be all the rage.  Whatever shade you want to call it, I like it.  Last year, I struggled to find shoes that I loved with this skirt, but I do love this look.  It is a little matchy, matchy, but with the printed top I feel good about it.  What do you think?  Happy Wednesday...again...J
Top {Zara}, Skirt/Scarf {Forever 21}, Shoes hand-me-downs from a friend {Kate Spade},  Purse {LV}, Sunnies {SEE}

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  1. Love the colors of this whole look. I am especially coveting that LV!