Are you grossed out by the post title?  I am sorry, but I had to grab your attention.  I waltzed into my buddies brunch on Sunday that was hosted by one of my favorite Nashville people and a friend of hers, who sells Arbonne.  I am such a sucker for those things, by the end of the brunch I was convinced that I needed several things, one type of firming lotion that is nicknamed the "Pot of Gold" was at the top of my list.  

But I am getting sidetracked.  So Victoria the Arbonne consultant was explaining that the types of fillers many American makeup companies use contain broken down animal carcasses.  This animal "sludge" filler material actually goes into many lip sticks.  Of course I was the only fool there with bright red lip stick, so everyone seemed to immediately turn and look at my MAC "Ruby Woo" lips.  It is uncomfrotable to feel like the only one wiht "sludge" lips in the room.  Will be doing reserach this weekend to see if MAC uses "sludge" filler.  Ewww, but on a happy note....Happy Wednesday...J

Sweater/Necklace {Forever 21}, Skinnies/Flats {J.Crew},  Sunnies {SEE}, Scarf {Got on my honeymoon in Hawaii from a random little spot}


  1. Oh wow, please let us know what your research turns up! That's just a little bit concerning :/ On a less-sludgy note, I love your outfit! Those pants are like a mix between floral and camo :)

    Life etc

  2. But the sludge looks so good on you! xo

  3. What a pretty outfit! Loving all the color!