{Front Porch Livin}

So a big must on our list when house hunting was porch space.  We really lucked out with our new place as we have a big porch that runs the length of the house in the front and an amazing screened in porch in the back that has the feel of an adult tree house.  We have been working really hard the past several months to fix up the front yard.  When we bought our house the yard was somewhat of a dangerous secret garden meets the jungle.  There were days I felt I needed to be armed with a machete to get to the mailbox.  I am happy to report that we are well on our way to completing our front yard transformation.  I don't want to share pictures until we have gotten grass in the front, but we have been spending lots of spare time hanging on the porch with the pups since we got our fence up.  Here are a couple of shots of my lazy Sunday.  The best part about this outfit is the amazing ice, blue infinity scarf from the talented Mrs. Amanda Moore, who will be selling these babies at Hazel's Haven in my hometown, Fort Smith, AR.  Mark your calendars for the grand opening November 2nd.  Happy Wednesday...J
Scarf {lovesmith by Amanda Moore}, Top {Forever 21}, Skirt {J.Crew}, Jewels {Anthropologie, Pangea, Forever21}, Shades {SEE}, Boots {Minnetonka similar here


  1. love this look, jess! {and your mums + punkins look pretty awesome too!} XO

  2. Love your scarf, so warm, cozy and chic!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  3. Obsessed with this boho-carefree look! I want some of those fringe boots. You look adorable as usual.

  4. I love a great front porch, we just hung a swing on ours so I can relax and watch the kids play!

  5. I couldn't agree more: porches are a MUST. I had one day to find the apartment I'm in now, and I settled for no porch thinking I could do it for just 6 months ... wrong. I miss it so much, especially as the weather turns!

  6. Cute!! Loving that scarf and your boots! Can't wait to see the photos of your porch!