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Boy do I have a treat for you today.  My buddy Kirsten from the amazing Interior Design blog Simply Grove is here to talk about what she loves about herself.  I had the pleasure of not only getting to chat with Kirsten at Alt. last year, but also seeing her speak on a panel about all things Interior Design.  She is just one of those warm, kind, fun hearted spirits that you could talk with for hours.  Read on to find out what she is loving about herself today....

"I love that I am organized and clean.
When I was a young girl, I was obsessed with keeping my bedroom organized.  I had my bedroom set up in 3 zones. Sleeping zone, playing zone and reading zone.  I never allowed anyone to mess up my zones!  I have brought this same mentality into my adult hood and it keeps my mind organized and I always feel less stressful.  I also love teaching others that it's easy, fun and fulfilling to live an organized life.  And don't even get me started on cleanliness!!!! :)

I love that I am wearing my natural hair color.
I was born with bright red hair.  Over the years it lightened and then by high school I was dying it every color in the book.  I decided last year to let my natural hair color grow out and discovered that my hair is now a super light strawberry blonde.  I must say that it feels SO GOOD to not have to dye my roots every month.  And it saves a whole lot of money! 

I love that I am a people person.
I thrive on relationships and friendships and I wouldn't have it any other way!  We only live once so why wouldn't we surround ourselves with great people?!  I have an amazing family and feel blessed to be close to my immediate family and some extended family.  I also have incredible friends and awesome e-friends.  My kids have also picked up this trait.  Both of my kids love people and adore friendships!"
It never gets old reading about what people love about themselves for me.  I love that Kirsten has a love for being a people person.  She is so right when she says that life is too short to not surround ourselves with great people.  After all what would life be like without anyone around us?  Pretty boring, I think.  Thank you so much Kirsten for sharing today.  I hope you all will go check out Kirsten's amazing design skills over at Simply Grove.  Happy Friday and lots of love...J 

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I am going to check out her blog! And I wish I would be in love with my natural hair. I may... someday... let it be natural but I am dying it the color it was when I was born which was a very very dark brown. Naturally it is a sandy blonde!

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