{Love You: Rainbow Bright}

So I know this special "Love You" post is a couple of days late.  I had a big event this past Friday that took lots of my time.  I interrupt my regular "Love You" posts to send a little love in support of National Coming Out Week.  The loves I have for this week are pretty simple. 

1.  I love having the opportunity to support all of the individuals around me that idenitfy at LGBTQI.  Though I try my best each day to be a good ally, it feels so special to have an entire week to show those around us the love and suppor they deserve for just being who they are.

2.  I love rainbows!  Not only because they are pretty, but because they are a sign of inclusivity.  They remind us all that no matter our color, shape, size, gender, sexuality, language, religion, political views, insert whatever makes us each unique and special, we should work each day to create environemnts that are welcoming to all.

3.  I love that after years of asking questions and working to educate myself that I have become more knowledgable about LGBTQI issues, so I can better support my friends and those around me that identify as LBGTQI.  I have a long way to go don't get me wrong, but each step closer makes me a better ally. 

4.  I love that this week reminds me how thankful I am for having friends that are different from me, so we can learn from one another.  Looking at you in particular Alison and Siobhan, so thankful to have you all in my life!!

Don't forget to show some LGBTQI love today and all days because I don't know a better way to start off this week.  Happy Monday...J

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  1. Love this post! I really need to continue to educate myself too...xoxo