{Love You: Katie}

Hi Friends! Today I have Katie from the fun lifestyle blog ModernEve sharing with us what she loves about herself.  So without making you wait a moment more, read on to see what Katie loves most about herself.

"I was thrilled when Jessica asked me to join in on her 'Love You' series. It breaks my heart that so many people, women especially, feel not only unloved by others, but have difficulty loving themselves. Insecurity, body image issues, and lack of confidence are battles we all will face from time to time, but learning appreciate our uniqueness, celebrating our strengths and acknowledging our God-given beauty is something we should all be more intentional about! I loved going through this exercise and highly recommend it. Here we go...

1. I love my eyes. They're hazel/greenish and they've always been my favorite physical feature. And as long as I dove right into talking about my body and physical attributes... in general I'm pretty happy. I love that I am tall. I love how I look both naturally as a light brunette and also with blonde highlights. And I love that I tan easily. And I actually love the general shape of my body. There's nothing special about it, but I don't have difficulty finding clothing styles that fit me well. And since I love fashion, I love that.

2. I love that I am committed to marriage. And that my marriage happens to be to an amazing man. My parents divorced when I was a young child. While it was decently amicable and I maintained strong, healthy relationships with both of my parents, it was extremely hard on me. At a young age, I remember declaring that I will never get a divorce. And I meant it. My passion for healthy marriages and families has followed my entire life and has truly helped shape the woman I have become. From reading marriage education books, to serving in our church's pre-marital class, to not being ashamed to going to counseling when Husband and I are conflicting poorly, working on my own marriage and encouraging others in theirs is my number one passion. And in a society that doesn't seem to value 'til death due us part any more, I love that about myself and my sweet husband.

3. I love that I make friends easily. I am outgoing, confident and deeply interested in people. These three traits combine to allow me to proactively pursue conversations and relationships with others. Whether it's reaching out to someone on Twitter, starting up a conversation with a stranger at a party or maintaining relationships with old friends, I love how I am willing to risk rejection in order to connect with others. I've met so many of my favorite people, people who have inspired me and who I have learned much from, through situations that may have never happened if I hadn't put myself out there. And I love that I did."

My favorite part {since you know I love picking a favorite}....I loved that Katie shared with us her love for her commitment to marriage.  I think for many married individuals being married becomes such a part of our over all life, we forget to stop and apprecaite the special bond we have with our partner and the work it takes to keep the commitment strong as our relationship grows.  It is easy to also forget that not everyone in the United States has the privelge to be married in the eyse of the law to their chosen partner...yet, so I really apprecaite Katie's reminder that we should make sure marriage is somthing we never take for granted and work to strengthen everyday.  A big thank you to Katie for sharing all the wonderful things she loves about herself.  Love....J

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