{Boycotting Bag Lady}

This weekend, I declared  that I was boycotting taking any blog outift pictures.  It could have been the couch calling my name, it could have been all the planting I did in the garden, it could have been the Chinese take out, it could have been the Olympics, or it could have just been my mood.  Regardless, I was just not in the mood, so to make up for my lack of new outfit inspiration, I thought I would do a little blog bag roundup.  Did I also mentioned that my name is Jessica and I am addicted to bags?  Happy Monday...J
{The Satchel Company}, {Brahim}, {Old Navy}, {Stuart Weitzman}, {Celine}, {Vintage}, {Kate Landry}, {Louis Vuitton}, {Kate Spade}, {Fendi},  and {Vintage} 


  1. whoa whoa whoa is that YOUR celine bag is some other lucky woman's? fun lil roundup...drooled a bit. :) xo

  2. Hi Kimberly:) The celine is mine. It was a gift from my husband at the Celine stor in Monaco when we went for our 2 year anniversary. Bags always make me drool too!!

  3. Wow, you have a gorgeous bag collection! Definitely swoon worthy!