{To Be Free}

What does one wear to a dude Super Bowl Party?  As I was dragging myself out of the pajamas I had gotten back in to after Church on Sunday, I had a tough time deciding what to wear to the super bowl party we were headed to.  I imagine the usual dress code was jeans and a cute top.  And that actually was what every other lady at the Super Bowl party had on.  But I just didn't wanna....for two important reasons.  

Number One...I needed ample room for all the goodies I was planning to eat.  So jeans were out for me, unless they were my man/boyfriend jeans, but I am trying to not make them my permanent weekend wear.  

Number Two...I knew that after I had squirreled away my share of the spread like a small animal (ok maybe a medium animal), I wanted to be free to just let myself be.

I was certainly the odd lady out in my hippy skirt, jewels, and comfy silk top, but I did notice that I was one of the only gals comfortable nestled in to a sofa enjoying the game.  This could have been less about my comfy outfit choice and more about the fact that I am shy in large groups, but I will tell myself it was because everyone else's jeans were too tight to plop themselves down.  Happy Winning Wednesday you wonderful people....J

Top {Anne Taylor}, Skirt {Forever 21}, Jacket {J.Crew}, Necklace {DahliaLynn...coming to the Etsy shop soon}, Purse {Foley and Corinna}


  1. I love your Super Bowl party statement! You have comfy chic down, pretty lady! I wore my sweater that is pretty much a blanket with arm holes on this eating holiday... definitely had to make room for all the pigs in a blanket

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  2. Thanks girl. I do love me some comfy chic. And I will always support wearing sweaters as arm holes. Can't wait to see you Saturday!

  3. Wise choice! It's always the right decision to wear loose clothes on game day. I love your necklace, it is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks for the necklac love, and glad to know you are team loose clothes on game day. happy Friday!