{Love You: Ali}

I would be lying if I told you it was tough dragging myself out of my warm bed this morning to greet the sunshineless Nashville.  But knowing I was going to get to share another beautiful gal and what she loves about herself today made it a bit easier.  I had th pleasure of being sweet Ali's roommate at Alt.  I have to say that even though I was under the weather, it was her fun energy and excitment each morning that got me going too.  Here energy and sweetness are just infectious.  So keep reading to see what she is loving about herself today...

"Passionate- I try to do everything with my whole heart, whether it be listening to family or friends or trying to figure out what I am going to do with my 24 year old self.  I am not gonna lie, I am an emotional person, but not necessarily in a cry myself to sleep sort of way, but more in a way that I think and act with my heart. I think I got this trait from my momma, and I am one glad girl I did.  

Learning from others-  My dad taught me from a young age that there is never a reason to stop learning and it has stuck with me.  Every day when I was younger, my dad would share a piece of advice about life with me, whether it be a useless fact that he learned when he was younger, or something a little more philosophical, it was something I have tried to carry on my own with friends and people I meet. I know it sounds cheesy but, I love learning. 

Being a dancer- When I was three years old I put on my first pair of ballet shoes and ever since then, it has been a part of me.  I love that I am flexible, and that I am not embarrassed to dance in the car.  Dance allowed me to be myself especially through my adolescent years, when everything is so awkward.  I wish that I could still dance everyday, but once in a while does the trick. 

I love that I am petite- For the longest time, I hated being short.  Only being 5'2", I struggled with being the shortest one in my class, the fact that jeans never fit me (and still don't), and I had to shop in the kids section until I was 16 years old. When I went to college I finally decided to embrace being petite and ever since then, it is one of my favorite attributes about myself. The funny thing is I ended up with a boy who is 6'2".  We are the perfect snuggle buddies and I can squeeze right into his side- I love it." 

Ali has hit the bullseye with these "loves."  They simply describe her to a "T."  I can attest to everything she has described after spending just a short weekend with her.  As the girl dancing around the hotel each morning and sweetly chiming "rise and shine,"  I can tell you she is most definitely passionate and loves to shake that body.  I also remember the day she came back from a full day at Alt. smitten over the fact that some sweet soul had given her some camera tricks, and I can say the fact that she is petite came in handy when our room only had one bed.  She happily offered to sleep on the couch becaus of her tiny frame, and because she is a sweetheart.  I simply adore Ali, and cannot wait until we get to hang out again.  And if you like what you have read, which I imagine you have, hop on over to her beautiful space on the web, A Dash of Detail.  Happy Friday...J


  1. What a sweet post! I love the necklace in the picture, so pretty. Blogging friends are always fun.

    1. Kate... I love this picture of Ali too. And agreed blogging friends are the best!

  2. Awww I love that she's 5'2" I am too! I can totally relate to pants not fitting, but it's kind of fun being petite :)

    1. Bettina....I agree that bing petit is wonderful. I am 5'4" so more on the giant end of petite, but it is terribly hard not be be cute as a button at 5'2"...I hope you have a great weekend girlie!

  3. What a sweetheart! I love that she talked about being a dancer and petite woman - both things I can totally relate to!

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    (P.S. hope you had a wonderful birthday!)