{Love You: Sol}

Isn't it the best when you have another blogger reach out to let you know they have been a fan?  Sol completely made my day when she emailed me a couple of weeks back just to say hello and talk about some collaboration.  Meeting new people with similar interests has hands down been my favorite part of having a blog of my own.  Sol lives in Dallas, Texas, but is from Costa Rica, and she writes a lovely blog called Style Anthology, and she was kind enough to open up and share what she is loving about herself today.

"1.  I love that I’m 100% Costa Rican. I was born and (partly) raised in Costa Rica, and my family moved to Texas for a few years when I was in middle school. Growing up in the US of A was challenging at times, but as I’ve matured and learned to embrace my foreign quirks it’s become one of those traits that people always want to hear more about. Not to mention- I’m lucky enough to travel back to one of the world’s most beautiful countries for holidays to visit my parents and my two best friends (also known as my sisters).
2.  I love that I’m a good listener.
One thing that immediately hurts my feelings is when I’m talking and I feel like nobody is listening, especially if they are the ones who asked the question. So I try my best to be genuinely interested in what people are sharing with me and remember the details they probably consider important. It’s silly I know, but I feel cherished when I don’t have to repeat myself.

3.  I love that I’m always down for an adventure.
I have this voracious need for finding or doing new things. Whether it’s as simple as that new soon-to-be-hip restaurant in town that I just can’t live without trying or that spontaneous trip to a place I’ve never laid eyes on…I can’t get enough of feeling like I’m squeezing everything out of my 20’s. You should take a peek at my bucket list…"

After sharing her first love, Sol really made me think today about how some of the challenges we have growing up with being different from our peers can one day become the things that we love most about ourselves.  Don't you wish we could all go back to our middle school selves and give ourselves a good old pep talk?  I am so happy that Sol has found a love for her "foreign quirks" that I am sure make her the coolest kid in town.  Thank you so much Sol for sharing with us today.  Happy Friday and lotsa love...J 

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