{En Route to Tulip}

So I am just giddy with excitment today!!  Many of you know that Ms. TulipLouise is one of my oldest and best friends.  We have not lived in the same city since high school, but she is just one of my soul sisters.  Every time we get to see each other it is like not a moment has passed.  For those of you that don't know, Ms. TL finally took a swan dive into one of her life long dreams, and moved to N-Y-C!!!!!  For me, she has always seemed like she was plucked from the streets of NY, but now it is official.  And this gal {that's ME} is headed up North today to help put some finishing touches on her adorable new place.  

Since sometimes when I travel alone, disaster strikes.....to avoid any mishaps, I decided to only take a carry-on, and now is a good time to mention I hate rolling carry-ons.  Mostly for the scene I cause trying to shove them into the over head bins in the airplane.  So I am proud to announce that everything I plan to wear in NYC is safely tucked in to one carry on duffel.  Be impressed, very impressed.  Knowing that the weekend will be filled with visits over coffee, some manuel labor in the APT, nights on the town, lots of walking, shopping, eating...it was a little tough to pack.  Not to mention its hard not to feel like a hot mess, next to the impeccable dressed TulipLouise.  So yesterday I snagged some photos from my Pinterest boards to narrow my focus.  I hope to share everything I brough with you next week.  Until tomorrow, happy Thursday...J  

*TulipLouise photo credit Keely Yount
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  1. Have so much fun!! I love that ya'll are long time friends and absolutely love Anna's blog! I'm sure you will both look fab on the streets of NYC! And congrats on that carry on bag, a major accomplishment for a trip to NYC! ;)


    1. Katie...thank you. I love Anna' blog too. such a happy place!! And thank you for the carry on bag congrats...I was proud!
      Happy Thursday!

  2. I can attest to the one bag weekender that was Mrs. Reasons this morning on the way to the airport. Pretty impressive sight to see. Go Jess!